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Lina Hoshino, Director, Editor and Camerawoman
Lina Hoshino’s films include Caught in Between: What to Call Home in Times of War, In God’s House: Asian American Lesbian and Gay Families in the Church, and award-winning Story of Margo. Her story-telling style engages audiences with complex or contentious issues through her narrators’ experiences and her visual style. She has been making documentaries since 1992. Lina co-founded ground-breaking organizations—Tactile Pictures and Many Threads—to link filmmakers and artists in communication projects. Lina’s father is from Japan and mother from Taiwan. She spent part of her childhood living directly downstream from Atsugi Airforce Base in Japan. She grew up in the USA, Japan, and France; studied art at Carnegie Mellon; and lives in San Francisco Bay Area.

Gwyn Kirk, Co-Producer, Co-Director
Gwyn Kirk is a writer and researcher with expertise in the social and environmental impacts of militarism in the Asia Pacific region and the USA. Her articles on militarism, environmental issues, and transnational women’s organizing have appeared in anthologies and refereed journals such as Berkeley Women’s Law Journal, Foreign Policy in Focus, Frontiers, Peace Review, and Social Justice; with op ed pieces in San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury, and Commondreams. As co-director, she has contributed first-hand experience, factual information, archival materials, and organizational contacts. She has collaborated in conceptualizing the film, and regularly viewed and commented on work-in-progress.

Deborah Lee

Deborah Lee, Narrator, Co-writer and Co-Producer
Deborah Lee is a community educator and advocate, addressing a range of critical social issues. She produced the films, In God’s House: Asian American Families in the Church and PANA Pilgrimage to Manzanar, and co-edited the book, UnFaithing US Colonialism. She has developed community pilgrimages that uncover hidden histories, cross-racial alliances, and promote rituals of healing. She is project director of a California Humanities oral history project, Women, Faith and Action, and network coordinator of the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights. She completed an undergraduate degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at U C (Berkeley), and graduate work in Theology.

Production Assistance
Maikiko James, Summer Nemeth, Kyle Kajihiro, María Reinat Pumarejo, Elizabeth Schober, Wonho Li, Hitomi Matsuo, Women of Buklod Centre, Balot and Aida Santos

Interpretation and Translation
Mike Campos, Cristina Carrasquillo, Don Mee Choi, Amelia Desesto, Michiko Hase, Lina Hoshino, Ko Yu Kyoung, Wonho Li, María Reinat Pumarejo